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“New Artist Alert!”

Chitana is a rap artist based out of Chicago who is changing the Chicago rap scene by giving it a fresh mind set. Chitana’s performance is a true tour de force. With his very unique metaphors and extremely clever punch lines, he takes Chicago hip hop to a new level. He has only been in the game for 2 years and he is already making noise all over the nation.  Chitana is a Chicago name to remember and pretty soon you will have no choice.


I go by the name *CHITANA* which means “CHICAGO HAS INSPIRED TALENTED ARTIST NEVER ACKNOWLEDGED.” I am a recording artist from the Southside of Chicago. Many of my influences have been local Chicago artists. I just watched how a lot of artists were coming out of Chicago, so I started to write music and my peers really related to it. I began to feel like my music could put me in a better position. I have a real laid back, R&B-hip hop sound!! What separates me from other artists is that I’m willing to try anything. I can fit on a song with anyone.  I can make more than just rap music. I have many different styles. I’m also a very confident person. My favorite artists and influences have been: 2 Pac, Drake, and Chris Brown. I look forward to working with Any Artist that’s serious about their craft and willing to work with me. I wish more Chicago artists would come together and do more music because Chicago has a lot of talent. My single “#SayItAintSo is one of my favorite songs. I wrote this song because I and so many other people in my generation can relate to how a lot of relationships get messed up due to temptation.  It’s a very mellow song and I feel like people can really vibe to it. The next thing for me is my mix-tape. I’m in the process of putting everything together.  I’m really excited about this project because this music is very different from the usual music from Chicago.  The drop date is still undecided. You can keep in touch with me and my music by following me on Twitter & Instagram ,@ChiTaNa773!!  OR contact my manager @aceseandon 773 818 0375.

Edward Williams

“The Next Big Thing!”

Making his presence known as an aspiring actor and an exceptional Ray Charles impersonator,

Edward Lee Williams III is quickly becoming a sensation.