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We are Master Storytellers. We are Innovators. We are Visionaries.


Vallemar Entertainment is a production company that blends traditional media production methods with a comprehensive social media strategy. We are one of the industry’s trendsetters in trans-media content production, promotion, and distribution.. Our talented management team is ready to serve your needs and create customized, relatable, and bankable products for you. We emphasize the importance of creating and producing all in house.







Go ahead, take a look at some of the projects we’ve completed. We talk less and focus more on letting our work speak for itself.

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Our Level of Excellence is Second to None

Our staff brings their specialties to bear with an orientation on big picture priorities. We customize our capabilities based on the needs of the client. We see the potential of your ideas and can offer a range of options for delivering your product to target demographics. We draw upon best practices from a variety of industries that can provide unique insight and perspective. Our orientation is to maximize the creative output of our team to drive and propel each and every project to its greatest creative potential.





Does Your Idea For A Film Need A Boost?


We have dreams too. We dream of working with amazing people in amazing places, operating amazing business models. What does that mean?

We do not simply invest our personal and creative capital in ideas for film or business plans with no real value proposition. Our primary evaluation stage is late seed to early production. Geographic focus We must be able to add value to a your project and hence our company will benefit. We operate with a priority focus on the high volume action adventure, military themed material, historical drama, and incisive ground breaking television family drama. We invest our team and its resources in projects that can achieve scale and must therefore be able to serve a large addressable markets.


We can act as an agent to raise capital. We typically take the role of lead investor and actively seek to working with co-investment partners. The company must have early adopter users and preferably some revenues, even if not substantial.


We invest in projects that we can help bring to market and fully exploit for the maximum audience reach and profits derived.


Projects with proven audiences serving large addressable markets that can grow to reach or exceed $10m in sales throughout the life of the property.


We invest our team and its resources in projects that can create profitable revenue streams that have high
flow through to the bottom line.


We invest our team,its resources and its time in completely fleshed out ideas for film and television.


We look for projects that can build those precious moats: emotional appeal, broad audience reach, customer lock-ins, future subscription models, long term and exclusive partnerships and other strategic assets for maximum financial.

If you would like to submit an application for consideration, please submit a full deck with the  projects production costs, needs, markets, and your statement of personal commitment. We will review every single application that we receive in detail. If, and only if, your application meets with our criteria will we contact you for further information due to the overwhelming number of applications we receive. Thank you for taking the time to submit your idea to us.


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