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Vallemar Entertainment | About Us
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 Our core belief and ideology is simple and concise. Everything that we do is of the highest quality. We can’t consider doing it any other way.


We are a creative film production company based in Chicago, IL. Our film production services cover idea generation and script development, through to live-action filming, motion graphics, animation, editing and distribution.

Founded by DB Miller, Vallemar Entertainment was born in Chicago and will soon expand into LA with an ambitious worldwide outlook. We are dreamers who believe in the great. Clever, thoughtful and unexpected stories carefully developed and mastered. Juxtaposing new ideas with good old-fashioned skills and wisdom utilizing untapped creative resources. Groundbreaking film/ tv that travel between traditional formulas and future prospects with a focus on brand management and aesthetics. Constantly changing and evolving but always holding on to the good. Feeling the Spark of something new? Thats Vallemar growing inside of you.

Innovation is more than invention—it is invention turned into practice, and it requires a fundamental change in the way media forecasts and products are produced. Innovation is a very slow process in most organizations, and it is especially slow in large studios where continuing financial success can breed a risk- averse atmosphere.

Furthermore, bold innovation is risky and requires real leadership, dedication, and protection from above. How does one do this consistently in an company like Vallemar that seeks to advance a large slate of film and television shows to market in a short time period?

Despite the connections to industry insiders, Vallemars’ strategy is to remain small and flexible and to quickly exploit emerging technologies, remain situationally aware, and poised to capitalize on current and emerging trends. Vallemar has a broader horizon than most traditional production companies, such as working with venture capital firms and brand management companies but it is more focused than traditional blase mass market studios. Vallemar is not bound by studio requirements but rather responds to audiences and markets. For the most part, Vallemar emphasizes high financial payoffs for which success may provide dramatic advances in company capabilities. This usually entails taking calculated risks and focusing investments in a few critical areas. In this sense, Vallemar is more like an social media firm since it has no long-term investments in “bricks and mortar” (no in-house focus group labs) and no established audience that it must “keep fed.” Vallemar is a small, relatively flat organization with only one level of management between the Executive Producer and the other departmental managers (Director of Creative Development, Social Media Manager, Business Manager etc). This allows ideas to flow very quickly. This constant flux of film/television projects, writers, and directors leads to a rapid generation of new ideas. Each film/ television project is managed by a proactive manager, and quality performance is constantly evaluated and rewarded.

Vallemar is a small, relatively flat organization with only one level of management between the Executive Producer and the other departmental managers (Director of Creative Development, Social Media Manager, Business Manager etc). This allows ideas to flow very quickly. This constant flux of film/television projects, writers, and directors leads to a rapid generation of new ideas. Each film/television project is managed by a proactive manager and quality performance is constantly evaluated and rewarded.

Vallemar brings multidisciplinary teams consisting of technical specialists spanning many fields, along with business and market insights to meet complex challenges. These teams are led by the designated Media manager,individuals who have the passion to make something important happen and who work across traditional organizational and disciplinary boundaries. Staff at Vallemar endeavor to have all of the elements outlined in place in order to reduce the time it takes to move basic production elements from the workstation and turn it into a true innovation.

Establishing a protocol for following best practices and procedures from across various industries, adapting them to serve our purposes and then applying them to media content generation and promotion process will be a cornerstone of the “Vallemar Way.” These include what SRI (Stanford Research Institute) has dubbed the NABCs, a simple way to capture the true impact of an effort.

N stands for the customer or market need. A is the compelling social media / technology based approach, which can be the incorporation of new advanced communication strategies. B is the benefits(financial and exposure) that would accrue if one were successful. C is the worldwide competition, reminding the primary producer to check who else is doing similar work so that other efforts are not duplicated. The key to success is not just developing a great innovative approach but a thorough understanding of the market needs and the competition. This includes not only where the competition is today but also where it will be when the new product or process comes to market.

Vallemar has developed a series of specialized “watering holes” or gathering places where staff and new comers alike can present and vet their ideas in an open, mutually supportive yet highly forum. Typical watering holes span multiple disciplines and include business development staff. As ideas mature, Vallemar has developed an online
Business Development “Cookbook,” a how-to guide to move film/television into the marketplace and to build strategic relationships with venture capital firms and studios. A formalized royalty and equity-sharing program that rewards staff for the value they create is an added incentive to help speed commercially successful media products into the market. Reinvesting the remainder of the funds received from licensing or equity in new equipment and facilities helps to keep the facilities at Vallemar state of the art. This helps to deliver more media more quickly to the audiences and consumers and to attract talented staff.







Code of Conduct
Business Ethics

Vallemar Entertainment, a leading global entertainment company established the business ethics and code of conduct, which outlines practices employees are expected to and pledges to adhere to.

Based on the business ethics of honesty and sincerity, Vallemar Entertainment will continue to strive for self-improvement and perform fair work practices while pursuing Vallemars’ core values, including innovation and sense of ownership. By adhering to the basic business ethics, Vallemar Entertainment aims to secure a reputation as a company that is trusted by all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, partners and the greater audience for its media.

Vallemar Entertainment employees and associated entities must always be honest and never forget that they represent the company.

Creativity and Innovation Vallemar employees must never be satisfied with the status quo- the must attend to task with a creative and innovative attitude in order to satisfy audiences with the highest quality film and television.

Challenge & Passion Vallemar employees should adhere to the belief that “who are not up for the challenge cannot earn anything” and always try to achieve new feats by seeking new challenges with their unwithering passion.

Avoid Conflict with the Company Vallemar employees must draw a definite line between public and private matters during work and avoid private activities that inflicts damage to the company.

Creating a Healthy Corporate Culture Vallemar employees must strive to create a work place based on active communication and mutual trust, where respect and autonomy is valued Employees’ actions must not be offensive to others and their verbal, physical or visual actions must contain any social or cultural prejudice.