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We surround ourselves with individuals that take risks and push the creative boundaries to create masterpieces. 


Elle Ellis

Elle is an American Screenwriter with a blend of traditional &modern sensibilities, wife of twenty-five years and mother to a beautiful daughter. She was born near Chicago to a working middle class family and later relocated to the southern California. As a child she loved television and became fascinated with learning the characters and their behaviors. There was a special pull for her favorite show’s storyline. Realizing her purpose in life is to inspire and entertain. She understands life’s sorrows and disappointments, but believes if you pay close attention to your journey you will discover your true purpose.

Elle spent 15 years in the medical profession caring for others. As much as she loved it, this left her feeling drained and wanting something more. After leaving the profession she struggled to find her place, which led her to public education. Elle created a theatrical program for underprivileged youths and spent 10 years broadening young minds and inspiring children to step outside of the box.

Through all of life’s twist, turns, tears and pain, she received an amazing gift of Divine Inspiration and titled it Relative Opposites. This new series will inspire, enlighten and entertain you like no other show has before. Embrace the journey because you never know what awaits you.


Alain Vo

Alain is a first generation Asian American screen writer and producer. Born in Los Angeles, Alain spent his youth playing sports and watching film. His love for films opened a door for him in college when he majored in film production. While in school, he wrote over a dozen features, one of which he later produced, titled “The Last Cry;” a crime thriller about two hit men who assassinate the wrong target. Alain also played the lead in the film and premiered at the Action on Film Festival in 2012, where it won Best Guerilla Feature and was nominated for Best Fight Choreography. Alain was later nominated for Best Performance by Male or Female in a Leading Role and Breakout Action star.

In 2014, Alain wrote and produced a Pilot entitled “Pilot Season” a comedy about a group of actors who navigate through the treacherous pilot season in Hollywood. The pilot is currently in post production and to be released via direct to consumer platforms in the near future.