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Vallemar Entertainment | Our Team
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Before you choose us to take on your project you will probably want to know a
bit more about us, so meet the team:

Daniel Miller
Executive Producer

When developing a vision for Vallemar, DB Miller tapped a deep well of resources from personal experience, inherited wisdom, and well established best practices and procedures from the entertainment industry.

Understanding that the smallest gestures can have the biggest impacts and his eye for seeing what others miss separates him from the herd with a plebeian disposition.

Having the poise, personal charm, and professional acumen to cultivate and establish strategic partnerships at every level of entertainment production, his leadership at Vallemar is paramount for driving the ship forward to the goals set for the company.

With an emphasis on savvy marketing, cross media promotion, and publicity, Vallemar's orientation on all its varied projects to maximize it exposure to the target audiences across all its platforms, will yield maximum profits and returns upon investment. Having a knack for spotting, recruiting, and developing talent he regularly meets with new potential clients to determine the viability of their “brand-ability” for long term prospects.

Well positioned to capitalize on current and forthcoming trends, the future of Vallemar looks bright as many simultaneous projects are being brought to life. The train is rolling now and will be an unstoppable juggernaut soon. No doubt if established industry insiders aren’t aware of Vallemar yet, they will be soon.

“Inspiration, Choreography, then Domination.”

Scott Schneider
Director of Creative Development

With a passion and fervor for creative artistic endeavors, Scott Schneider grew up an avid cinephile in a college town in Missouri fueled by football and academic predominance. Quickly realizing his potential would excel elsewhere, he relocated to Los Angeles to attend college and pursue a career as an actor, crossing paths early on in his west coast tenure with DB Miller. After producing their first film together years later, their nascent camaraderie would later come to fruition as a partnership crystalized in Mr. Miller's innovative brainchild: Vallemar Entertainment.

First and foremost, Scott is a visionary storyteller with an executive management style to lead artistic production in the fulfillment of one unified objective. As Vallemar's Director of Creative Development, his innate ability to evaluate and manifest talent from prospective clients and forge corporate partnerships as well as incorporating innovative social media marketing and branding campaigns gives Vallemar a leading edge in the exposure and consumption of entertainment.

``Through darkness of night and blood comes light.`` ``Practiced alacrity conjoined with proper reconnaissance equals flawless execution.``