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Vallemar Entertainment | Portfolio
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A city on fire. Police falling back. Politicians running scared. Anarchy reigns. A young man summons the strength to do the impossible: defend his people’s place in American history. Witness the story of a city that tried to tear itself apart and ask yourself: Where do you draw the Line to protect your community? Answer the Call to Arms. .


Carefully crafted elements come together for one amazing production.

An afflicted ex-con sporting a perfect condition Grand Am Firebird lives a secluded life in a seedy section of LA’s sprawl, making ends meet as a hitman in an attempt to redeem his checkered past. In the attempt to find it in the companionship of the girl living next door, a sabotaged job jeopardizes his saving grace and livelihood as he becomes the target of the next big hit.


Tearing up never felt so good.

Much more than a typical drama/comedy, Relative Opposites tackles the fear of the unknown with off beat humor and in your face and unexpected twists and turns. We follow he lives of the Sheridan’s which turn out to be predicated on lies. Will justice be in their favor? The Santiago’s are intoxicating. The Simmons? Damaged, crippled and nearly beyond repair. Lastly, we have the Chindler’s, whose revealing developments make them almost destitute. Four Families. One Gargantuan mess. The intensity is so overpowering you wont be able to look away. This seductive connection, at its most basic human level, sheds light on the secretive interplay and dark and lonely places people like to conceal. Anyone can become someone else, if one would only allow it come to fruition.